Well-Head Safety Device 



Well-Head Safety Device

Well-Head Tech Presentation (Microsoft explorer)

Well-Head Tech Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint)


Well-Head offers a high quality product for the oil industry. The key is the additional safety that is provided to the oil and gas fields. The product will result in better safety to prevent financial ruin or loss of revenue by a wells failure, and also reduce any pollution should there be an incident. It will also reduce costs for getting the well safely and quickly back in line of  production. This system can be seen as the best solution to stop catastrophic pollutions, wether it is to prevent a start of a blow-out or to shut down an on-going one. In case of war or terrorism the system is especially designed to resist most attacks.

 This device can be custom designed to fit any existing pipes. Additional work is being done to apply this technology to gas-fired powerplants and any other high volume users of fuel.

We will use the latest technology of remotely controlled devices, combined with design elements of oil and gas fields.


Below you see a cross section of the safety device.


How it works....

The technology consists of an application connected to a battery operated  control system that is mounted on the outside of the pipe. When it is activated from a plane, a computer or a telephone a hydraulic drill starts to cut a hole in the pipe and slides an expanding unit to seal off the flow. When the flow is to be let back through the pipe a new activation reverses the expansion unit and resumes the pipe to normal function. 


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